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European version coarse grinding

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Product Overview:

European version coarse grinding widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, coal gangue, construction, sand, refractories and ceramics industrial and mining enterprises, engaged in materials broken and minor operations. It is mainly suitable for crushing compression strength not higher than 320MPa (MPa) of soft and hard ore.

European version coarse grinding purposes:

1. desulfurization plant: It may need to be equipped with shaker limestone grinding into fines of less than 2 mm or less than 1 mm according to the customer;
2. quartz sand (silica sand, foundry sand, sand and other abrasives): Quartz-time feed of 0-3 mm crushed sand up to 70%;
3. rough mill: The machine used to do before the ball mill grinding with a coarse, can increase productivity by 50% mill;
4. bricks, unburned brick, brick added: aircraft pulverized material for the production of hollow blocks and unburned particle size distribution best.


1. high productivity, low energy consumption.
2. crushing ratio, uniform finished product size.
3. the mechanical structure is simple, compact and lightweight.
4. low investment cost, easy to manage.

Working principle:

European version coarse grinding mainly consists of housing, rotor, bearing the hammer and the grate bars and other components. Housing is divided into two parts, made of welded steel plate cut from, the remaining parts bolted into one. Inside the enclosure lined with high manganese steel liner, easy to replace worn; hammer mounted array of regularly distributed on its axis, the turntable and wear hammer shaft composed of a rotor.
Host motor, V-belt driven spindle, so that the rotor rotates, centrifugal force rotation hammer generated stretched outward, after the bulk material from the inlet into the crushing chamber, then crushed hammer high-speed movement. Crushing material passing by the lower part of the grate gap discharge, the failure of the left in the crushing cavity, are bearing the hammer and repeatedly hit the iron effect until discharge can be qualified. To prevent clogging, the water content of the material to be crushed not more than 5%.

Technical Parameters:

Model Rotor diameter
Rotor length
Rotor speed

Feeding Size (mm)

Particle size
CM4008 750 800 800-1000 <70 0-3 35-50 75 2130×1665×1610
CM4012 900 1200 800-1000 <90 0-3 75-90 90 2840×2100×2020
CM4015 1150 1500 550-800 <100 0-3 110-132 132 3720×2650×2540